Panel Speaker for Born to Create: 'Judgement and Vulnerability' (October 2023)

Abstract from Born to Create | Lucie Blaze:

Navigating the complexities of responding to judgment and embracing vulnerability as an artist can be arduous, yet it is within our reach to navigate these sensitive topics. By adopting strategic approaches and embracing certain perspectives, we can traverse this terrain with greater resilience and self-assurance. Recognizing judgment and vulnerability as integral aspects of the artistic process holds the potential to propel personal and creative development, forging a path towards authentic and impactful artistic expression. In our conversation, let us delve into the experiences we encounter as creatives or in our daily lives, and explore the ways in which we can skillfully navigate and transcend them.

Convenor of the night:
Ellie Lim (She/Her) – Producer, Place maker, Pursuer of Creative Pleasure


Julia Ewer – Psychosynthesis Counsellor
Sara Moana – Illustrator, Artist
Vira Paky – Storyteller, Community Engagement Specialist